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Darul uloom Qadria Jilania Madrassa Rules and Regulations

1. All children must attend Madrassa class on time. Madrassa timings are Monday-Friday 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm.
2. All students must arrive on time, incorrect uniform (Girls in black scarf and jubbah, boys in white jubbah and white topi). All students should come fully prepared i.e. with Wudu, Holy Quran and essential learning books.
3. It is the responsibility of the parents/guardians to drop and collect their children on time.
4. Parents/guardians are not allowed to collect their children from classroom in case of any emergencies they must contact the Madrassa Office.
5. Children will not be allowed to leave during Madrassa timings unless a prior arrangement made with the headteacher/Madrassa Office.
6. There will be a fee to be paid per month payable in full on the first day of the month.
7. All Hifz students to pay monthly.
8. The education committee has the right to caution and discipline the children. All rules and regulations of Madrassa are mentioned in Madrassa Charter. Please ask copy if you dont have any.
9. The education committee in extreme circumstances have the right to expel or suspend a child.
10. Rules and regulations are subject to the interpretation of the education committee.
11. Minimum age for admission in Madrassa is 5 years. All new admissions will pay £10 Admissions Fee.
12. Parents/ Guardians are not allowed to approach the class teacher for any reason. For comments, suggestion, complaints, please contact Madrassa co-ordinator/Headteacher

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